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Extra brother called love signs!

Nowadays, in the university, college, office, many people hear, ‘Brother, what is it? Please explain if this is free. Or a note has been made on this issue? ‘One survey found that the origin of’ Bhaiya Bhaiya ‘in the office, Varsity, College is not always the cause of bother. Because the girl who is always bothering you by calling her brother, you may have feelings of love in her heart. If the following symptoms match, you can be fairly certain that the girl is in love with you –

The girl calls you needlessly. The individual wants to discuss various issues.
All of a sudden, the phone says that she’s upset and wants to meet up. Or ‘it is raining’, ‘the moon is up’ by sharing the phone with you.

Does he talk to you when you have a critical problem at a university or office? Which one wants intelligence?
He wants to spend his birthday or special days with you and wait for you to come.
Does he repeatedly tell you what kind of son he wants as a life partner? What are the qualities of your desired life partner with you?
It may even be that the girl is trying to get your attention, you are in love with her unconsciously.